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At Brown Sugar Wellness, I'm eagerly awaiting the opportunity to work with you and provide you with excellent customer service in order to help you on your mental health journey. With both mental health and wellness certifications, as well as experience in many settings, I understand the importance of meeting people where they are so that we can get to where they want and deserve to be. It's my mission to offer an understanding and supportive atmosphere during your consultation, helping you to make the first steps necessary to better mental health.
My experience provides you with an invaluable resource to access in order to set and achieve your own mental health-related goals. Whether you’re looking to gain insight, understanding and practice self-care or put together a plan to perform your best both in work and life, I’m ready to offer the knowledge and expertise to guide you. I'm passionate about providing you with an individualized and specialized experience, focusing on understanding and entirely on you.
I'm concretely skilled in addressing many issues with a focus on improving mental health. My experience covers the full range of mental health issues from anxiety, depression, and stress, to more specific problem areas such as relationship challenges, identity and lifestyle changes, or shifts in personal or professional goals.
Further, I have extensive training in evidence-based, trauma-informed and holistic approaches, to provide you with the absolute best resources and tools to address your mental health needs. I also provide counselling and therapy, allowing you to develop new ways to handle life's challenges.
If you’re looking to bring back clarity and balance to your life, I'm here to help. If you’re ready to take the first step toward better mental health, contact me today and schedule your consultation. Together we can work towards advanced physical and mental well-being, so don’t wait any longer - let’s get started!

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