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I am a licensed professional counselor in North Carolina. My commitment to providing quality care is one of my highest priorities. I understand the importance of understanding and meeting people where they are so that they can get to where they want and deserve to be.
I have extensive experience in providing culturally sensitive, trauma-informed, and evidence-based services to individuals who have been faced with barriers preventing them from living a full, meaningful life. I have worked in community outreach, outpatient clinics, schools, in-home services, and hospital settings. With my compassionate, patient, and understanding approach, I am dedicated to helping my clients grow and better their lives.
At the core of all my work is my commitment to my customers. I strive to offer a safe, non-judgmental, and welcoming environment for all who enter. My approach is to partner with my clients in setting meaningful goals and to support them as they take action to achieve those goals. I embrace an integrative approach when providing treatment by leveraging techniques best suited to each individual’s needs.
I believe that therapy should provide an opportunity to heal, learn, and grow while also challenging my clients in a growth-producing manner. As such, I will be both a supporter and an advocate, providing evidence-based strategies, lending a listening ear, offering guidance when asked for, and valuing each and every individual I have the pleasure of working with.
I take great pride in the work I do to help empower individuals and empower them to take action in their own lives. I am committed to helping individuals understand and overcome barriers that may be preventing them from leading the life they desire. Through collaborative work, I am confident that together we can make great things happen!

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